Top 10 FAQs with Maros Perencay

Why should I choose Unicost Ltd?

Because I have over 15 years’ experience working on a huge range of London properties from tiny flats to large houses. Aside from extensive building knowledge, I also understand what’s required from building regulations. Importantly, from the moment I started Unicost, I wanted to offer a first class customer service to all our clients.

How much will it cost?

That will obviously depend on what you want doing. But at Unicost we always try to be extremely competitive and offer value for money. We map out every aspect of the work so you can see exactly what we’re charging. Why not contact us for a no obligation quote?

Will I need an architect’s and structural engineer’s drawings?

You will need both for a kitchen or loft extension (together with planning permission from your local authority). We can help with drawings and planning permissions if you’d like us to. Call us for a free no obligation quote.

What information do I need for Unicost to give me a quote?

You will need to provide a breakdown of  what you want doing, it doesn’t have to be technical. If you have drawings, we’ll need to see them (or we can help you with them). We’ll visit you, take notes and then send you a quote within five working days.

Are you personally on hand during the build?

I visit the site every day, often several times a day at crucial times. I also like to meet regularly with my clients to make sure that we’re all clear about what is being done and when. If, occasionally, I am not able to be on site, I will let you know. I have trusted and trained project managers you will have already met.

How long does a build take?

As a rough guide: a kitchen extension takes about 8-12 weeks; a loft conversion about 6-8 weeks; a bathroom refurbishment around 2 weeks. When we quote, we’ll give you a timeframe and do everything we can to meet that deadline. The timeframe will be specified in your quotation.

Do I need to tell my neighbours what I am doing?

The rules on this can be quite complex. It depends on various factors and you will need to adhere to the Party Wall Act. Many people use a Party Wall Surveyor to manage the process with neighbours and we can arrange for one to act on your behalf if required.

Do you offer guarantees that I’ll be satisfied with my project?

If you look at the testimonial section, you’ll see we have very positive feedback from our clients. We take great pride in what we do and offer the highest quality of workmanship. We will provide you with   guarantees on our work and the materials used.

Is it possible to see examples of your work?

We have a large portfolio of images and it may be possible to take you to view a project that we have recently completed.

What do I do next?

Give us a call to send us an email to get a free no obligation quote. Look forward to hearing from you.


t: 07515 278 605